Tanzania Global Elective

Global Education

We are dedicated to shaping our residents into well-rounded and competent medical providers. The opportunity to work abroad in a developing country offers a unique experience to residents that allows them to develop cultural competencies and communication skills that are different from their standard training in the United States. Providing diverse healthcare opportunities prepares residents to enter our increasingly global society.

This global opportunity is currently only available to the University of Minnesota's Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women's Health third-year residents.

Dodoma Christian Medical Center


Dodoma Tanzania Health Development
Check out the DTHD website to get a sense of how the DCMC 
makes a difference in Tanzanian health care.

Goals & Objectives

Rural Life in TanzaniaGoals & Objectives
This rotation serves the purpose of training residents in a low resource hospital and outpatient clinic setting in a developing country. This is a unique experience for a United States trained resident. In addition, this rotation will expose the resident to community outreach clinical care visits as well as community teaching of providers and patients.