OBGYN Researcher

The Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women's Health is committed to advancing knowledge of women's health through research and defining the standard of care for all women, today and tomorrow. Clinicians in our Department are actively involved in multiple clinical trials testing the most promising, cutting edge therapies currently under investigation.  In addition to conducting clinical trials, our faculty are actively pursuing basic research programs aimed at improving all aspects of women's health.  These research efforts cover a broad range of topics from understanding the genetic basis of ovarian cancer to improving fertility using the most advanced techniques to increasing access to health care for underserved communities. 

Research Spotlight


My mother had ovarian cancer—about 15 years ago. She had stage two and made it, she is living. Partly because of my mother’s cancer and because of the fact that, as a pharmaceutical chemist you always strive to find the molecule that one day will work on people, I found my passion for ovarian cancer research. Even though I don’t directly see patients, I work in close relation with their physicians to make sure they have the best treatment possible for their condition. Those interactions are a big part of what keeps me going.