Research and clinical opportunities in Rwanda

October 28, 2014

Below is a list of research and clinical opportunities in Rwanda. These projects have been identified by Dr. Ghebre and colleagues at the University of Rwanda as dynamic opportunities to collaborate on global health topics topics and perhaps even provide an opportunity to travel. If you would like to form or become a part of the UMN counterpart to any of these projects, please contact Matt Gerber at to learn more.

HPV vaccine impact

Scope: Follow-up data on nation-wide HPV vaccinating of 12-year-old girls (comparing against a population of non-vaccinated girls in Kisumu, Kenya)

HPV home testing 

Scope: HPV home self-testing

Health Behaviors

Scope: Increasing compliance around vaccinations, Pap smears and medical check-ups


Scope: Intermittent preventative treatment for pregnant women (IPTp) to prevent congenital malaria; conduct placental biopsies and analysis

Transdermal malaria medication & oncology

Scope: Explore in depth, the early indications that transdermal malaria medication may be decreasing the size of solid tumors

Wound Vac for Developing Countries

Scope: Design a more basic and cheaper version of wound vac to allow for safer, faster healing