Clinical Trials


The health care providers in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women’s Health are committed to continually improving the standard of care in all aspects of women’s health. Clinical trials are one of the most important methods we use to develop new and improved treatments. We encourage all our patients to ask about and participate in clinical trials at the University of Minnesota. Ask your health care provider about specific trials that are currently available to you. 

A panel of experts carefully reviews all clinical trials at the University to ensure that patients are protected. Carefully conducted clinical trials are the safest and fastest way to find new treatments that will improve the health of all women.

To find out what clinical trials are available at the University and to learn more about the purpose of clinical trials please visit the Clinical and Translational Science Institute website.

Research ethics at the University of Minnesota


We are committed to protecting research participants, upholding ethical standards, and improving our practice at every step of our work.