GOLD Research Program

Gold GynOnc Logo

Director: Rachel Isaksson Vogel, Ph.D.

Study Coordinator: Heewon Lee

While much has been done to improve the lives of breast cancer survivors, there is a need for more resources and support for women with gynecological cancers.  We created the University of Minnesota Gynecologic Oncology – Life after Diagnosis (GOLD) Research Program to meet these needs by focusing on optimizing the health of those diagnosed with and treated for gynecologic cancers.  

Mission Statement:

The goal of GOLD Research Program is to promote and facilitate research aimed to understand survivorship issues during and after treatment for gynecologic cancers and to improve survivors’ quality of life and outcomes.

Our goal is to establish the GOLD Research Program as an integral part of survivorship care at the Gynecologic Oncology clinic of the University of Minnesota.  As research can be a foundation to support treatment and outcomes, we aim to collaborate with the faculty and staff to position the GOLD Research Program as a partner in survivorship care.  We envision accomplishing this goal in the following ways:

GOLD Research Cohort

We plan to open a study in January 2017 (pending approvals) to enroll a cohort of women diagnosed with gynecologic cancers with the goal of establishing a resource to facilitate prospective long-term follow up research of gynecologic cancer survivors.

Quarterly GOLD Gatherings

Community support and friendships are vital to improving survivorship. The GOLD Research Program will host bimonthly gatherings to foster these connections.

GOLD online newsletters

Patients participating in the GOLD cohort and other interested parties will receive emails from GOLD every 2-3 months about recent findings, new treatments, and other community resources to support and engage members about survivorship.

Encourage other relevant survivorship research

In addition to the GOLD cohort, we plan to encourage other research projects relevant for gynecologic cancer survivors.  We will do this not only by developing new projects ourselves but by building collaborative relationships. We believe the GOLD Research Cohort will provide a rich resource of both data and potential future study participants.  Look for the GOLD logo next to research projects supporting this effort!