Screening and Follow-up

There are no consensus recommendations for routinely screening people who have never had melanoma. However, once you have been diagnosed with melanoma, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) recommends:

Melanoma Check

  • At least annual dermatologist follow-up screenings to monitor your skin
  • Regular self-examination of your skin

Depending on the melanoma stage at your initial diagnosis, you may need more frequent screenings. You also may need to self-examine your lymph nodes. Consult with your dermatologist and/or oncologist regarding a screening regimen that applies specifically to your needs.

The ABCs of Melanoma

Use this 'ABCDE' guide to check for possible symptoms of melanoma:

A - Asymmetry: Moles with asymmetrical and irregular shapes
B - Border: Moles with irregular borders: Normal moles tend to have sharp and well degined edges
C - Color: Moles whose color has changed
D - Diameter: Moles whose size (diameter) has changed
E – Evolution: Moles with evolving characteristics over time: changes in size, color, itchiness, or bleeding

If you see one or more of these characteristics, follow up with a dermatologist immediately.